surf yourself silly

The common top level domains (com/org/net) are overcrowded and people are turning to the alternatives to say something about themselves or their company. gives you access to this expanded web. Select a top level domain and enter search words to find new sites. And surf randomly if you wish by entering no search words at all. Surf yourself silly. differs from traditional search engines in several ways. By indexing just the primary page, it accommodates searching for and finding new sites. Large sites with thousands of pages have the same representation (one search result) as a small business site with just a few pages. It displays all the top level domains encountered (use the Expand button to show all of them) as well as the number of sites currently indexed within each. Additionally, when you submit your site to, the primary page will be indexed within one business day and you can get an emailed report of the words indexed. Finally, search results are returned in random order so those sites that would otherwise never make it to the top of the search results have a chance with


If no words are entered, sites are listed from all indexed pages or from the selected domain, if any. Words are automatically normalized to common forms when possible. Results are always returned from a random area of the qualifying sites so no indexed page is promoted over another.


Significant words (up to a limit) from the url, the primary page title, and the description of a site are indexed. Phishing sites are rejected using PhishTank.


Adult Sites: Because of the widespread use of search engines for adult-oriented content, and because of this site's per domain focus, has chosen not to index the following top level domains: .adult .porn .sex .sexy .xxx. Additionally, there are search engines that accommodate finding adult-oriented sites. does not have to be another one; therefore algorithms make a best effort not to index adult-oriented sites.

Corporate TLDs: Corporation-exclusive domains (vanity domains) are not indexed; however these may be considered in the future for a separate search option.

Blogs: The following blogging related hosts are currently not indexed:,,,,,,,, and It is anticipated that blog-related hosts will eventually be added as a separate high level search option.


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